This new platform channel allows you to use the application of your preference as a service channel, as long as you have the necessary requirements for activation.

That way you can link the platform to the chat you already have on your site, the chat of your application or an internal chat and take advantage of all the resources available on the platform, such as service flow and data storage in reports.

When configuring the channel it is possible to send text, document, audio, video, location and contact.

Attention: The configured channel will not be available for batch shipment.

How to configure ?

Important: To configure it is necessary that channel forward and receive information via JSON.

Select "Channels" and click on the bottom right corner to register a new channel.

Important: In the configuration screen shown in the image above, select documentation, to have access to the information that must be entered in the system that you want to add to

The documentation will also present the request templates for sending text, document, audio, video, location and contact.

Now, an explanation of the registration fields.

  • The "name" will be displayed on the agent screen when the mouse is over the channel icon.

  • The "description" is an internal identification.

  • It is possible to personalize the channel by inserting a logo and defining the "main color".

- The main color will be used to represent the channel in dashboard > indicators, in the "Calls per hour" and "Channel Answer" graph.

- The graphs in reporting > calls that represents values related to the channel, also have the color associated with the channel at the time of configuration.

  • Add the query URL and, if necessary, add information in the header according to your system's API authentication requirements, so that the platform can forward the desired information.

  • To conclude, add the service Flow you want.

Important: Do not forget to select documentation to collect the information that must be entered in the system to be added.