Como funciona ?

When enabling active Webchat (Beta), the user who accesses the webclient, either via desktop or mobile, will receive a pop-up suggesting the installation of the Webchat on the home-screen or desktop, as an application.

Example of an installation process on an Android mobile device.

When performing this action, you will have the user's registration on your system, allowing notification of messages even when the user is not on the Webchat screen.

On the left we see an example of notification on the desktop, and on the right an example on an Android device.

It is also possible to make the active contact and unify the history / data of this user, since he will have only 1 definitive registration in the system through the same identifier.

Example of active contact

The Webchat should be installed preferably on the desktop and on Android devices. It is possible to install on IOS but through a different process.

Important: Functionality in beta. There may be instabilities during use in IOS.

Example of installation process on IOS mobile device.

How to configure?

You need to have a Webchat channel set up, if you have questions about the channel setup process click here.

You must choose the channel you want to enable the functionality, go to the "actions" column (2) click on "customize chat" (3).

In settings (1) you must enable active Webchat (Beta) (2). Then it is possible to define the name that should be displayed (3) and the image (4) that will be visible on the client's home-screem or desktop.