- Improvements

  • Included in the support screen the option "No Whitelabel" in the Recipients field for the registration of Notifications;

  • Included icon on the agent's screen that makes it possible to identify when the contact that is on hold came by internal transfer;

  • Included feature in the monitoring dashboard that makes it possible to leave the selected cards in the respective layout when they are clicked or detailed in "view conversation";

  • Included “Telephone field” of the contact's record in the list of fields on the Webchat channel form;

  • Included the possibility to edit and reorganize the display of the adder channels in a Multichannel in the administrative interface;

  • Included in real time updating of data entry with variable "NAME". Previously it was updated in the subsequent session;

  • Included the possibility to export / download the statement in the balance list (WTO).

2 - Corrections  


  • Fixed bugs and made adjustments related to the performance of the SZ.chat platform;