1 - Implementations

  • Implemented the WhiteLabel configuration panel to register the license, allowing the administrator to choose a specific theme for the client during registration;

  • Implemented the feature to make the sending of times in WhatsApp RPA channel messages optional.

2 - Improvements


  • Added feature for creating / customizing specific themes for WhiteLabel functionality;

3 - Integrations


  • Added the integration of TOTVS on the SZ.chat platform with the following features:

- Open protocol;

- Update cell phone;

- Consult CRM;

- Consult user;

- Close protocol;

- List portfolios;

- List passwords;

- Validate portfolio;

- Documentation;

  • Added the integration of Followise on the SZ.chat platform with the following feature:

- Add Lead;

  • Added the possibility of creating a card in the integration of PIPERUN in the platform.


4 - Corrections


Fixed bugs and made adjustments related to the performance of the SZ.chat platform;