1 - Innovation


Implemented Sentiment Analysis in SZ.chat's services, enabling the monitoring of customers' feelings on the platform through written and transcribed expressions when using artificial intelligence;


2 - Improvements


Added SZ4 license integration with internal CRM (enabling sharing and accelerating customer activation processes);

 • Added the possibility of sending HSM messages through the SZ4 API;

 • Changed the order of channels in the list displayed in the "Channels" menu, improving the list view;

 • Added a button to facilitate the deletion of the attached file referring to Google STT in the flow register;

 • Modified the adaption of display of the buttons in the layout of the indicator dashboard;

 • Added the option of internal chat notifications between agents. Now, whenever there are new messages being exchanged between agents, visual and audible notifications will be triggered to speed up the visualization and message exchange between the consultants;

 • Changed the naming of WhatsApp channels;

 • Added the ability to copy and paste images on the agent's screen to make using the screen more dynamic and faster during a service call;

 • Added a navigation feature between conversations displayed on the agent's screen, highlighting the administrator's usability;

 • Added the resource options of the agent's screen so that it is also visible in viewing the contact while monitoring;

 • Added bonus on licenses to help fight the corona virus - allowing the temporary and free addition of extensions on the Fortics PBX and agents on the Fortics SZ.chat;


3 - Integrations


 • Added the integration of TopSapp to the SZ.chat platform;

 • Added the integration of Synsuite to the SZ.chat platform;

 • Added ISP integration to the SZ.chat platform;


4 - Corrections


Fixed bugs and made adjustments related to the performance of the SZ.chat platform;


After watching the SZ.chat Sentiment Analysis video, if you still have doubts, our technical support will be happy to help you.