1 - Improvements

  • Added possibility to batch shipment through the SMS channel. It will only be possible to forward text messages. We currently have integration with the BSPs (Business Solution Provider) Movile and Inforbip, so you can get the SMSs to perform the sending.

  • Added the possibility of not presenting the documentation contained in the "about" option in the vertical menu of SZ.chat, when the company is White Label;

  • Added a feature that adds the platform's standard DDI to numbers that come from RD Station without this informationIn order to hesitate in sending messages through the integration> RD Station (Beta) using the WhatsApp channel, it is necessary that the contact identifier complies with the platform standard (DDI + DDD + NUMBER). If the number comes without the DDI, the platform will insert the country code configured in settings> application.

2 - Corrections  


  • Fixed bugs and made adjustments related to the performance of the SZ.chat platform;