1 - Improvements

  • Added feature that makes it possible to forward images of a conversation to other contacts. Now, next to the images it is possible to see an arrow, and when selecting you must choose which other contacts should receive the same image. You can only select up to 5 contacts at the same time.

  • Added the possibility to activate OPT-IN for all contacts. Within contacts on the administrative screen by clicking on "select all" and then on " enable auto-optin ", after clicking on "aware, according", you can choose whether to enable OPT-IN for all contacts on the page or all of your contact base.

2 - Integration

  • Added Thyssenkrupp integration on the SZ.chat platform with the following features:

  • Search for reasons;
  • Consult customer;
  • Consult equipment;
  • Create OS

  • Added variable "MSG_LIST_CLIENT_ID_NUMBER" in the WEST integration, enabling the return of customer contract IDs.


3 - Corrections  

  • Fixed bugs and made adjustments related to the performance of the SZ.chat platform;