1 - Improvements


  • Added the possibility to include media in predefined messages.

  • Added REST option within the "resource" filter of the auditing reporting. Allowing the monitoring of changes made to the REST module.

  • Added the possibility to transfer or end more than one conversation at the same time via the monitoring dashboard.

    Respecting the main channel usage policies (WhatsApp), it is only possible to select a maximum of 5 contacts at the same time.

  • Added the possibility to enable OPT-IN in Gupshup directly from the administrative screen of SZ.chat. Now, whenever there is a request to enable OPT-IN, on contacts on the administrative screen or during an import of new contacts, the option "enable in Gupshup" will be presented, allowing you to download the term model. After sending it to Gupshup and receiving a positive response, the process can be completed.

2 - Corrections  


  • Fixed bugs and made adjustments related to the performance of the SZ.chat platform;