When using any non-personalized software module that integrates the Fortics Platform in a "beta" version, or using any non-customized software module that integrates the Fortics Platform in a "beta" version, it is important to know that:

- Fortics launches modules (plugins or addons) or resources (features) in "beta" versions to obtain useful feedback before launching the final version;

- The module or feature made available in "beta" version is a pre-release version, it may be unstable or there are no features that will be included in the final version;

- Fortics may, at its sole discretion, define whether a module or feature in a "beta" version will be made available for use against payment or not;

- The fact that a module or resource will be made available free of charge during a testing phase - in "beta" version - does not imply a guarantee that: (a) the module or resource will be continued, maintained and there will be the final version (b ) the final version will also be free.

1 - Implementations

  • Implemented the "Beta" version of the integration with RD Station, allowing the flow component (Send to URL) to trigger the sending of active messages using

  • An integration with the MS teams was implemented, allowing the Agent to send a link with an immediate meeting address to a person being served.

After enabled, the available resource available on the agent's screen, in the list of conversation buttons, enabling the triggering of a new call in the option "Meet with Teams".

  • Implemented the button for viewing each agent's notes in the agent's service notes table.

2 - Integrations

  •  Updated IXC integration documents on the platform.

3 - Corrections

  • Fixed bugs and adjustments related to the performance of the platform.