1 - Implementations

  • Implemented the possibility of selecting predefined flow models has been implemented, facilitating their creation and edition.

  • Implemented the help menu with visualization of the Fortics knowledge base (tutorials, guides, videos and other support materials) on the platform.

  • Implemented in the flow menu, the possibility to import / export flowcharts;


2 - Improvements

  • Added validation feature when assembling / editing flow, allowing to identify if its configuration has valid output.

  • Added the feature to display the name of the integrations and Root in the “Go To” component;


3 - Integrations

  •  Added the integration of Duobox on the SZ.chat platform with the following features:

Consult customer;

Consult bills of exchange;

Consult unlock;

Central user data;

Unlock by trust;

Send e-mail payment slip;

Send editable line;

Send billet SMS.


4 - Corrections

  •  Fixed bugs and made adjustments related to the performance of the SZ.chat platform;