1 - Implementations


  • Implemented the optional and configurable Google Translator integration feature in order to perform the translation of text messages from channels to other languages.

    Implemented the customization and visualization of WebChat V2 on the platform.



2 - Improvements


  • Added a new column with email (LOGIN) in the agents authentication report;


  • Modified the ordering behavior of flow components;


  • Added the "time" option for flow components;


  • Modified the behavior in the NPL regarding the targeting of the "Invalid Option" situation with immediate forwarding to DIALOGFLOW.


3 - Integrations


  • Added Phoenix integration on the SZ.chat platform with the following features:

- Open called; 

- Consult client;

- Consult protocol;

- Send ticket;


4 - Corrections


  • Fixed bugs and made adjustments related to performance of the SZ.chat platform;