1 -  Improvements

  • 5079 - ACL "chat between teams" located in settings > team has been added. It limits chat between agents only to users belonging to the same sector;

  • 5170 - New fields in the endpoint used to create user groups and agents have been added. They are located under Help > Documentation;

2 - Corrections

  • 4819 - Failure in Instagram Comments channel that prevented you from viewing Intagram ADS post comments has been fixed;

  • 4271 - Punctual failure in the Average Waiting Time found in the reporting > calls;

  • 4283 - Instability in actions located in dashboard > monitoring > agents, has been fixed;

  • 4900 - Failure in API that allowed the registration of agents with the same logins e-mail has been corrected;

  • 4917 - The route of listing admins by ID has been fixed;

  • 4925 - Failed to display agent photo during a call with more than agent has been fixed;

  • 4932 - Difficulty sending media from a conversation to another contact has been corrected;

  • 5046 - Punctual failure in return of boleto in PDF in integration via Rest has been fixed;

  • 5085 - Instability in sending email for password recovery on whitelabel platform has been corrected;

  • 5088 - Failure to download media in correct format has been fixed;

  • 5146 - Failed to add messages in the integration component located in the service flow has been fixed;

  • 5167 - Instability in the email channel has been fixed;

  • 5176 - Failure to integrate with Thyssenkrupp system has been corrected. The consult equipment item was not generating the variable "TOTAL_EQUIPAMENT" when the customer had only one equipment.