1 - Improvements

  • 5100 - Options in "waiting time" field of Smart Delay flow component has been added. It is now possible to choose between 1 to 15 seconds;

2 - Corrections

  • 4937 - Failure in exporting variable report has been corrected;

  • 5075 - Link traffic behavior in conversations when preceded by emojis or text formatting on Webchat has been corrected;

  • 5072 - Inconsistency of viewing old messages in open sessions on Agent Screen has been corrected;

  • 2090 - ACL from the Sentiment Analysis Report in the user group menu has been excluded. This permission is already included in the Attendance Report ACL;

  • 4577 - Inconsistency in loading and viewing the contact group has been fixed;

  • 4735 - Advanced flow structure in Wizard has been corrected;

  • 4847 - Failure in service note loading has been corrected;

  • 4825 - Failure in end session in WhatsApp RPA has been corrected;

  • 5054 - Inconsistency to send audio in Agent Screen has been corrected;

  • 4578 - Punctual failure in duplicate contacts has been corrected;

  • 4930 - Failure in the format of the audio sent by the contact has been corrected;

  • 4377 - Visualization in the monitoring dashboard of the contacts that the customer shared with the agent has been corrected;

  • 4833 - Punctual inconsistency that generated divergence of storage information has been fixed;

  • 4988 - Inconsistency in the validation of flow components according to the selected platform has been fixed;

  • 5097 - Punctual failure that caused discrepancies in the service time in dashboard has been fixed;

  • 5112 - Inconsistency in the waiting time display when updating the agent screen has been corrected.