Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows your service flow to understand the language used by the customer and respond according to the identified intention. provides the NLP (AI) component in the service flow, it is necessary to use an AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform to configure this component. Currently, the available platform is Dialogflow.

To use the component, it is necessary to provide the Client ID, Client secret, Project ID, Virtual Agent. This article will present the necessary steps to obtain this information.

It is necessary to access the Cloud Computing Services (GPC) and authenticate or select to start the free use.

After accessing the console, you need to select the location highlighted in the image to create a new project.

Click on new project.

And add the name (1) of your choice and click create (2).

Now, click on "select project" (1) and make sure that the configured project is being displayed in the highlighted location (2).

Store the project ID (3), it will be necessary to activate the feature.

Select the search field at the top and find "Dialogflow API" (1) and select (2) to activate. Perform the same process with "Identity and Access Management (IAM) API", locate (3) and activate (4).

In the vertical menu located on the left, select "APIs & Service> OAuth consent screen".

In the OAuth Consent Screen, select the "User Type" internal (3) and click (4) to create it.

Define a name for the app (1) and enter your GCP access email (2). Locate the "developer contact details" field (3) and enter the same email added in the field (2), when finished click to "save and continue" (4).

At this stage, it is not necessary to enter any information, just click on "save and continue".

Click on "credentials" (1) located in the vertical menu on the left side, select to "create credentials" (2) and choose the option "OAuth client ID" (3).

Add Web application in the "application type" field (1) and enter your preferred name in the field (2).

In authorized JavaScript origins select "add URI" (3) and add your URL for accessing in the URIs (4) field.


In authorized redirect URIs select "add URI" (5) and enter in the URIs (6) field your URL for accessing the platform + / nlp / callback.


When the process is complete, a pop up will be displayed with the client ID and client secret.

Now, on your platform select settings > artificial intelligence and click on the bottom right corner to enter the information.

Fill in the fields with the information collected during the process presented in the article.

The fields, name, virtual agent and description must be filled according to your preference.

When you're done save in the bottom right corner.

Log in to the Google account used in the setup process and click to allow (4).