1 - Improvements

  • Modified the behavior regarding blocked contacts in the settings menu.

  • Modified the behavior of HOST and DATABASE to accept the types of characters "lower case", "numbers", "-", "_" and "."

  • Changed the nomenclature from "Campaign / Service" to "Team", in order to avoid possible confusion regarding the terminology used on the platform.

  • Added the possibility for the administrator to be able to customize the automatic "Transfer" message.

  • Modified the ordering of companies from admin.sz.chat;

2 - Integrations

  •  Added the integration of Altarede in the SZ.chat platform with the following feature:

- Open service;

- Consult customer;

- Unlocking;

- Send billable digitable line / link;

- Send billet by email;

- List reason;

- List sector;

  • Added the integration of OZMAP on the SZ.chat platform with the following feature:

- Consult proximity;


  • Updated the documentation for the following integrations: ISP, IXC, SGP, and Synsuite;


3 - Corrections

  •  Fixed bugs and made adjustments related to the performance of the SZ.chat platform;