1 - Integrations


Added integration with the West system with the following features:

         - Customer consultation through CPF / CNPJ;

         - Ticket opening automatically;

         - Ticket closure;

         - New customer registration.


Obs: Integration was developed specifically for WTL company.

Added the action 'checkPendenciaFinanceira' in the popover that describes the integration with ISPIntegrator.

Added integration with the Movile system with the following resources:

         - Sms sending using the Movile API.

Improvement in the sound action of digitizable billet line with ISPIntegrator.

    In the integration of billet sounding, if the user asks to sound the digitizable line of a billet of a month that has already been paid (data_bai different from '0000-00-00'), the value 2 in the variable RETORNO1 of the asterisk and generate a log indicating that such ticket has already been paid.

Improved description of the sonorizarBoleto action in the integration with ISPIntegrator to return 2 to the asterisk.

Correction in the unlock action in confidence in the integration with RBXSoft.

Changed the unlock format to the blocked contract number, in which it was being done by the invoice code.