For you to enable Google DialogFlow * in your flow, you will need the key in "Json" to have access to the intentions configured in your DialogFlow. After you add the NLP (IA) component, the following image will be presented:

 Note that a configuration file, where highlighted in the image, is required on the screen. And to get the configuration file we will follow the steps below:


1 – Accessing your Google DialogFlow* account


Access your Google DialogFlow account, locate the configuration icon as shown in the screen below the DialogFlow Logo on the left side of the screen, and click on it:

2 – Locating the “Service Account”


When you click on the icon indicated in the previous step, the following screen will be presented. Locate the Service Account item on the screen according to what is marked in the image and click on it:


3 – Identifying the name of your Service Account


After accessing your account page, an email will show up containing your agent's name in DialogFlow and at the end an icon for actions. Click on the actions icon as shown in the image below:


4 – Generating the Access Key

 Observe that when you click on the icon some options will appear, click on the option "Create Key" as in the image below:

5 – Choosing the type of file

When you select “Create Key” in the previous item, a screen will appear containing two types of files for the key to be created and generated. Choose the "JSON" file type and click "create" as shown in the image below:

6 – Downloading and saving the file


When you click create in the previous step, the "JSON" file will be downloaded. Save it to a known location so that you can find it in the next step. Copy the key code as shown in the image:

7 – Linking the file to SZ.CHAT** 

After all the steps above have been followed, it's time for you to link the file to your SZ.CHAT flow. To do so, just click on the choose file, according to the content you accessed in Step 1, choose the file that was downloaded in Step 5 and paste the key copied in 6 into the description. See the image below:

Your SZ.CHAT is set up to make use of all the consolidated technology of artificial intelligence, offering your customers a better service.


We at Fortics hope that the article will be useful for you, but if you still have difficulty in following the steps above, be sure to contact us. Our support team is ready to assist you.


*DialogFlow é marca registrada do Google

** é marca registrada da Fortics