For you to register on Gupshup you must first login on the page 

1 - Log in to the page

Login can be done through a Google, Facebook or GitHub account, as in the image below:

2 - Create your first APP

It is necessary to create an APP to proceed to registration, as in the image below:

3 - Access the API

Now access the API, as seen in the image below:

4 - Create a name for your account

At this stage it is necessary to define a name for your WhatsApp account, this name will be displayed by your customers, for example: Fortics Tecnologia. It is also necessary to define the language.

Read the information below and click Next.

5 - Enable the messaging template

Enable the "message model", these models are for use in HSM:

Then go to the dashboard, as shown in the image below:

Once on the dashboard click Go Live on the App you created:

6 - Let's go to the checklist

Click I'm ready to proceed

Choose your Region: 

Fill in the registration information and click Next: 

7 - Check your email for confirmation

In the inbox of your registered email you will receive a confirmation email, check in the spam mail, if necessary.

After verifying the email, confirm the registered data:

8 - Save the Business ID of your Facebook page

You need the Business ID of your facebook page, see the following link to get the ID: -business-manager-id  

Remember that your page must be ticked Verified, otherwise, your Gupshup account will not be approved.

9 - Choose your number

Choose the number you want for your WaBa account (WhatsApp Business API Account). This must be a number that has never been active on WhatsApp before.

10 - Choose the name

Choose the name that your customers will see in your WaBa account (WhatsApp Business API Account).

11 - Get approved on Facebook

Click Go To Facebook and Approve and confirm the account that you have created

12 - Now wait for the Broker's approval

After you have confirmed on Facebook, go back to the dashboard and wait for Broker's approval (this time can vary between 2 and 7 days):

13 - Register our URL for activation

Click on Settings >> Callback URL and enter the URL below: